Unicorn/Workflows/Loan/Web2 Down

Unicorn/Workflows is currently down and I’m heading into the office to determine
why. From what I can see, all daily reports, backups and everything took place last
night properly but about 2 hours ago the server “restarted”. I plan on having
everything back up in time for everyone to open at noon, but I’ll let you know the
moment things are back to normal.

Unicorn/Workflows/Loan DOWN!

Workflows and Loan will not be available for the rest of the evening. I am working on the problem and hope to be able to pinpoint the cause soon.

More information when available.
– Eric

T3 line troubles – library network “blips”…

We are experiencing problems on our T3 line which should be resolved any minute now. What this causes however, is a drop in connection or “blip” at about 12 libraries in the system who are connected to us via the T3 line as their primary connection.

I’ll send out an email as soon as I know more information. If it is easier than rebooting machines when they “freeze” up due to these blips, you may want to consider using notepad/wordpad to record transactions for about 20-30 minutes while we hopefully get things stabilized.

T3 back up

Verizon has replaced a card in one of their central offices and the T3 line has been
up solid since the fix.  Everything should be in working order, have a great

T3 line down!

Approximately 10 minutes ago our T3 line went down.  About a dozen libraries use this T3 as their primary connection to us and they automatically switched over to their backup connections via fiber OC3.  Many of you may have noticed a “blip” causing Workflows to freeze/lockup – simply reboot your computers and you should be fine.  This “blip” is an inevitable side effect of the automatic failover.

If anyone is completely without network connectivity, please contact us.

We have reported the problem to Verizon and hope to have things resolved shortly.


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